Akili Design & Marketing has been a trusted partner for businesses looking to boost their online presence since 2007. Our team of skilled digital marketing experts combines technical expertise with marketing prowess to help businesses expand their customer base and increase organic traffic. We have the knowledge and skills to propel businesses into the digital stratosphere and beyond.

Digital Marketing Experts

Our team of skilled SEO analysts, web developers, and copywriters have the expertise needed to make sure your website is optimized for maximum online visibility. We analyze trends and site data to make any necessary technical changes to your website, resulting in a better user experience and increased engagement. With our help, you’ll be ready to blast off and reach for the stars!

Content is Key

Content is the fuel that powers Akili Design & Marketing‘s skyrocketing success. Our experienced team of writers and editors have the skills to launch your message into the stratosphere, backed by a content strategy that will ensure your rocket reaches the highest heights. Our team can help you craft optimized messaging that not only helps you reach higher search rankings, but will also propel your customers to take action. With Akili Design & Marketing’s team at the helm, you can trust your content will be consistent, high-quality and ready to launch.


As the leader of Akili Design & Marketing, Leng Vong Reiff provides strategic direction and guidance to clients as they grow their businesses. With her strategic insights and experience, she has helped numerous businesses to develop and implement successful marketing plans and strategies that have resulted in increased brand awareness, stronger customer engagement, and increased sales.

Leng is committed to the success of her clients and goes above and beyond to ensure that their goals are met. She ensures that clients are well informed of the latest methods and trends in the digital marketing space and helps them to find the right solutions for their needs.

Leng’s commitment to client success and her leadership at Akili Design & Marketing has made her an invaluable asset to the company. By leveraging her experience and expertise, she has helped Akili Design & Marketing to become


Leng and her team are passionate and engaged and take the time to understand our business. They are very timely and responsive to our needs.

Steve Bruere, Peoples Company


Having your team help make my social media business look professional has been such a huge relief. You are supportive, creative, consistent, and efficient! Thank you for taking me to the next level in my social media marketing!

Kalen Ludwig, Ground Breaker Homes


I trust her with helping me tell our story. She can take our random scribbles on a piece of paper and help me take it to a fully completed project, or whatever we want to do. Anyone who can do that is a miracle worker. 

Jen Fletcher, City of Des Moines Parks & Recreation


When you work with Leng, she has such a great personality that makes you feel comfortable, which is important when a company is investing thousands of dollars to grow their own companies.

Brian Springer, Universal Printing


My experience working with Leng has been exceptional.  I have been part of small business for over 10 years and the common issue I run into with marketing companies is too general of an approach.  I have a unique product and most companies have not taken the time to understand my unique selling position.  Leng spent time listening and asking relevant questions so she understood what I want to accomplish and what hurdles I am having in route to that goal.  She not only gave me multiple solutions to those issues, she has been instrumental in helping me organize my efforts when things seem chaotic.  We are still in the early stages of our work together but I am thankful that I have her on my team and look forward to continuing to learn from her vast marketing expertise.

Gary Bowman, Propel HP


Leng and her team tune in to what you want and delivers. She in the nail on the head when it came to the website and launching our program Meditation Around Town. 

Denny Kelly, Meditation Around Town


Leng and her team at Akili design produced some beautiful work definitely surpassing my expectations which were already high!  Her work was always on time and her flexibility with last minute changes kept things very stress-free. Loved the online portal she has set up. I could send her material 24 hours a day and know that she got it. Just fantastic. I would personally recommend talking to Leng about any web design or other web based issue that you have.

Mark Davis, DeWaay